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My PM is 2500mg per pill, is that too high? and also help me?
I bought Oxford Vitality pueraria mirifica (a uk brand) and it's supposed to be the real stuff and all that... it's 2500mg per pill though, I've only been taking it for 3 days, half a tablet per day because I wanted to ease into it. Does 2500mg sound alright or quite high?
I'm so new to NBE, I was researching so so much for a long time, on this site and others, reading everything and then my laptop broke, all the information is saved on that laptop and I feel kinda lost now! I can't remember what I should be using along with the PM... an anti androgen? Also I have maca, can I incorporate that into my program? 
ALSO what about making a homemade breast cream with powdered pueraria mirifica tablets in?
Excuse me, did you mean to write 250mg or did you really purchase a 2500mg pill? If so, throw it away immy! Add ons are very important because PM allone is wasted money.
Maca should be good. Because it is an adaptogen for hormonal stabilisation. Add Evening primose oil (Aromatase) and saw palmetto (anti-androgen) and you have the perfect combo. Well, maybe some gingko for blood circulation although PM is for blood circulation already.
I Googled it and found that it is 250 mg 10:1 extract, for the equivalent of 2500mg.  Either they're lying or that's way too much. 

Then I found these:

It sounds like it is in fact way way too much PM.

Tips in my first sig link.  For maca you use 3g to 10g (1 to 3 tsp) and it may be added to everything in the link.

If you can powder the pills then you can mix 10 pills into 4 oz. of cream, using 1/4 tsp daily.  If using 1/2 tsp daily, add only 5 pills to 4oz., etc.  Keep in mind the pills have fillers that are basically powdered sawdust and powdered sand, so when you use a cream there will be a tiny bit of that left behind on your skin.  Doesn't hurt though.
I realised since posting this that they're actually 250mg, the 2500mg was referring to the weight of herbs that theyre extracted from!


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