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Posture Bras: Is there a benefit?
Good morning,
I need to ask, in spite of the details provided on another thread here (Zara Ari on "How to prevent sagging" - http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=27702) - has anyone found a benefit to posture bras?
I'm male, but have sufficient tissue to fill a 42C quite well...
And I'm now dealing with posture issues, and sore back.

It's a new problem, and I'm wondering how best to deal with it.
Problem I face is constant sitting (as in, up to 10 hour a day, per sitting period. Not much chance to walk around when the boss is watching over your shoulder...)

Does anyone have any insights, especially since I've got some size? I wear a Genie bra regularly, but it doesn't do anything for posture. I'd always counted on muscle strength to handle such problems, and even working out now - I can't generate muscle or strength fast enough, when I end up slouching for hours a day.
Also, a corset is not an option, though it would help keep the spine aligned. I have spider veins and the beginning of varicose veins on both sides of my torso already - MUST keep the restriction of blood flow to a minimum.

Hope someone has some insights!


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