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Rascherry Here--here`s my new program
Hi there,

I posted to introduce myself over the the old forum-didn`t realise it had been archived. After a fair bit of research and fishing around , I have put togther a breast enlargement plan for myself which I`m starting today (whooo drumroll).
Mostly likely it will be subject to a few tweaks here and there and I`ll most likely add some more elements to it after a bit. Here it is:

Fennel x 1440mg per day
Hops x 940mg per day
Wild Yam x 850 per day, in second half of cycle only
Red Pasberry leaf tea x 2 cups a day


A full pint of whole milk a day
Molecularly distilled fish oils daily
Vitamin b and C soluble complex
Folic acid
Vitamin e
A new diet based on eating phytoestrogenic foods and high protein and avoiding phytoandrogenic foods (the ones which mimic androgens)
A cup of barley drink(like a coffee substitute) daily
Rye Bread daily
Sleeping bra-less
Daily use of shower gels and body lotions containing lavender oil and tea tree oil
Lavender oil on pillow at night
"Female deer" breast massage every day
Creative visualization/self hypnosis morning and night
8-9 hours sleep every night
Wear a piece of moonstone all the time
Avoid stress as much as possible and avoid heavy excercise
Avoid caffeine
Avoid green peas
Avoid green tea
Keep body temperature between between 98.2 and 98.6.
Go braless when possible(ie at home) and buy new bras in the chosen cup size

Oh yeah, my stats:
Age: 26
No kids
Non-smoker (ex-smoker, off them over a year)
Height 5`5"
Bra size: 34AA (although left breast is bigger--an A cup)
Exact measurments at the time of starting: Under bust: 29inches. Over bustline: 34 inches
Build: Relativly slim

My target bra size is 34b, so I`m looking to increase by two cup sizes and to even out their size.

Here goes.....


That's quite a list and it will be well done indeed if you can stick to all that. I agree with you about the tweaking, as you need to find out as you go along what really works for you.
Ok I`m back again,

I`ve been 2 days on my program now and am having blinding migrane headaches. It must be from the herbs becuase I never normally get migraines. I chose the hops and fennel because of their high estrognic potency and am on fairly high does of both. I`m determined however, to give this a decent shot so I`m trying not to be put off by the headaches.
Oh yeah, because I find it difficult to swallow capsules, I`ve been breaking the capsules open into a glass of water and drinking the herbs down that way. I have also mixed the herbs with a fruit smoothie which I found easier. Tonight I made a huge mistake and I`m paying for it now: I took the herbs and washed them down with a glass of water with my soluble vitamin dissolved in it--whatever way it has reacted with the herbs I feel very very ill and have dreadful stomach pains. Plus the migraine headache.
Feeling very discouraged by all of this indeed. Huh

Okay well I`m a week into my program now and I have good and bad news.
I`ll start with the good news first. I cut back my dosages of the herbs to hops x620mg per day and Fennel 960mg per day and have been adjusting to the herbs very well. I dont take the two togther-I take the hops and fennel at seperate times and have found inventive ways of sprinkling the capsules over my meals (I can`t swallow capsules). A week after my period and my boobs were still full and shapely and felt noticeably firmer, so I was well pleased.
Then last night-disaster struck.....
Had not been massaging so far so decided to try the Fengshui/Tigerlily method for the first time (it looked better than my original idea)......not for me. Because my right boob is noticeably smaller, I decided to just massage that one, to get it to "catch up" if you know what I mean. Was vigorous with my kneading and slapping and took about twently minutes doing the massage. I felt fine and used my lavender lotion. But afterwards, my breast looked a lot flatter.....yes flatter! I dont know why or how that happened, as it seems to do the opposite for most women but I lost a good bit of the fullness I had built up, after the massage. Given the fact that my right boob is a good bit smaller than my left anyway, it looked more prominent than ever now as the left one was still very full. So then decided, what the heck-may as well do the other one now too. So I massaged the larger right one. Again I was vigorous with the slapping /grabbing part as it states in the massage description-but I reckon I was *too* vigorous as I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my breast in what felt like some of the glandular tissue (I can feel it under the skin) and the pain radiated underneath the centre of my breast nearly to the nipple wich makes me think I may have hit/damaged one of my milk ducts. I should have been more careful but guess I wasn`t thinking and just went too rough. So after all my hard efforts so far, I ended up with one smaller boob and one damaged one.......
The left breast still feels a little uncomfortable although the actualy stabbing pain I felt last night has mostly gone now, except when I press it.. I really really hope I didn`t do any serious damage to the breast/glandular tissue. I`ve been worrying all day.
So the long and short of it is-massage doesn`t work for me (maybe I`m a freak.....) so I`m cutting it out of my routine altogther.

I have been doing quite well with drinking my raspberry tea every day and milk and taking my vitamins, although I`ve missed a few things here and there.
But I`ll go back to the good stuff- I can definatly feel some hormonal action going on with my breasts. I`ve been getting tenderness and tingling which you would normally only expect at the time of the month so I`m sticking with the plan (minus the massage).

The next couple of elements I`ll be adding to my plan will be: Goat`s Rue, spearmint tea Collagen tablets and MSM.

Watch this space.



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