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Katana’s Breast Massage Guide
Katana’s Breast Massage Guide!
Hello to all of you lovely people!

Some of you may have seen me around the forums and will know that I am a massive fan of massage and have seen some great results. After seeing a lot of people asking various questions about massage I have decided to make a massage guide in order to answer as many of these questions as I can in one guide so you don’t have to spend a long time searching through the forums for the answers.

This guide will contain the following topics:
1) An introduction to massage
2) Benefits of massage
3) Massage Agents
4) Chi Massage
5) Female Deer Massage
6) Other massages
7) Notable threads on Breast Nexus
8) Helpful Websites
9) FAQs
So let’s get started!
An Introduction to Massage

Massage is probably one of the simplest methods of NBE as it doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done without costing much.

How does massage help increase my bust?
Massaging the breasts increases blood circulation, this means the hormones and phytoestrogens in your bloodstream are brought towards the breasts making it easier for the receptors to pick up what they need in order to grow. It also makes the body produce prolactin which is a hormone which helps the breasts to develop during puberty and pregnancy. This important breast-enlarging hormone is triggered by regular stimulation of the breasts and nipples.

There are quite a few different techniques when it comes to massage, but each one has its own advantages. A lot of people ask “which massage is best?” or “which massage should I do?”
You could use just one, or use a combination of various massages, it’s completely up to you, but the two most popular are the Chi and Deer massages.
Benefits of Massage

Massage does more than help your breasts grow, it is great for general breast health.

Massage has been proven to assist in promoting healthy breast tissue, reduce fibroids and cysts, relieve the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or from compression from bras, relieving the pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall, assist in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery, and as a logical proactive step against cancer and other diseases. (http://www.breastnotes.com/bc/bc-massage-cunningham.htm)

Massage is cheap and cost-effective. You don’t have to go through surgery and pay for doctor’s fees, take any pills, or buy enhancement creams. You also won’t need help from other people because you can do it yourself. Also, massage is one way of determining the health condition of your bust. When you regularly massage, you will become aware of any lump or fluid formation that may indicate breast cancer. (https://www.totalcurve.com/info/natural-...ge-breast/)
Massage Agents (Oils and Creams)

Using oils and creams is optional, but is recommended especially for the Female Deer Massage to stop chafing of the skin and to help the hands glide over the breasts.
Using a massage agent can also help keep the skin soft and supple which helps the appearance of breasts. (http://www.dailyhealthandbeautytips.com/...ement.html)
I have a list of Oils/Creams with which people have reported good results. Please remember this list is not exhaustive there are plenty of other creams and oils out there so try whatever oils/creams you want and see if they work for you.

Almond Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Fenugreek Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Macadamia Oil – (http://ezinearticles.com/?How-Macadamia-Oil-Helps-Increase-Breast-Size-Considerably&id=7399810)
Olive Oil
Moisturisers with a few drops of essential oils (e.g. ylang ylang, geranium etc)
Shea/Cocoa butter
Volufiline – (http://yestheyrenatural.com/a-guide-to-g...olufiline/)

There is no way of knowing how well a specific oil is going to work, the best way to find out is to try it out. If it doesn’t work for NBE, you could always just use them as a moisturiser, or some of them can even be used for cooking so it won’t be a waste of money! Before you decide whether it works or not, make sure you give it a decent amount of time, you can’t expect amazing results overnight, it can take a month or longer to notice improvements (increased perkiness, firmness, shape, growth etc)
Massages – Chi Massage

Chi massage is said to serve a dual purpose – massage and acupressure. While improving the blood circulation to the breast area, the Chi method works with local pressure points to help with the flow of Chi, or energy, near the breast. It is also said to help with lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins from the breasts. (http://gainbiggerbreasts.com/how-to-natu...lications/ )

How to:
The massage is performed by placing your hands on the breasts, right hand on right breast and left hand on left breast and rotating each breast inwards. Begin by moving the breasts together as though you were creating cleavage. Then move down and out, away from each other, and then up, back toward each other again, and so on. Remember to be gentle when massaging the breasts as they are made of delicate tissue which can be easily bruised. (http://www.growbreastsnaturally.com/chi-...rowth.html)

This picture demonstrates the direction of the chi massage.

Here is a video of the chi massage, please note that in the video she is going rather fast with the massage, normally it is done slower: http://flat2fem.com/bemassagevideo/
Massages – Female Deer Massage

The female deer massage is based on the women’s qi gong exercise, the female deer exercise which is said to increase vitality, sexual health and pleasure, as well as increase fertility. The female deer massage is part of the exercise and is said to increase circulation, release hormones, and strengthen the ligaments in the breasts. (http://www.growbreastsnaturally.com/fema...nique.html)
It is recommended that oil is used for this massage. Check the massage agents section of this thread for more information.

How to:
This massage must be done on bare skin, not through clothes.
The massage is performed by placing the hands on each breast, it helps if you rub your hands together first to generate heat which will help improve the circulation in the breasts. The direction of this massage is the same as the chi massage (inwards). You should be sliding your hands around the breast without moving the breast itself. Avoid passing your hands over the nipples during this massage, the hands should be making circles around the nipples.
I couldn’t find a video of this one.
Massages – Lymphatic Breast Massage

The lymph system’s primary function is to isolate infection and debris and transport it through these filtration points; the lymph nodes. Another crucial function of lymph tissue is generating and storing white blood cells that fight infection. The lymphatic system supports every system in the body. We have twice as much lymph fluid in our body as blood.
Think of the lymph like a river; a healthy river runs clear. If lymph fluid is blocked (due to illness, surgery, toxic overload or lack of activity) lymph fluid backs up. If one node is blocked it may take a detour, but with extreme blockage it can cause inflammation, joint pain, nausea, fatigue, cold and flu infections, headaches, cramping, arthritis, fibromyalgia, mental fuzziness depression, skin breakouts and lymphedema.
Since our lymph fluid moves slowly without its own pump, inactivity can seriously restrict its flow. Muscle contraction as in the diaphragm with deep breathing, and manual manipulation as in massage are the primary means for our lymph to circulate and drain from the body.

How to:
1. Start with the lymph in the neck and gently stroke down to the top of the collar bone.
2. Feel the hollow spot above the collar bone and gently stretch the skin from the shoulder toward the centre of the body. This opens the lymph passages before it empties into the circulatory system.
3. Start with gentle massage strokes from the nipple away from the centre all around your breast.
4. Under your arm, gently stretch the skin straight up into the armpit. You may feel tenderness.
5. Gently pump 6-10 times until the tenderness disappears.
6. Support your breast with one hand and gently move your entire breast toward the armpit with a stretch and release action 6-10 times.
7. With one hand supporting your breast, gently move your breast towards the centre of the body, again with a stretch and release action 6-10 times.
8. Focus on a flat palm on the top of your breast and gently massage upward as you stretch and release 6-10 times.
9. Press the nipple a few times and as if you are beeping a horn. Love and laugh with this fun technique while you are moving the lymph around your breast.
Repeat for other breast.

I found a video demonstrating this massage:

Attached Files

Fat Brushing

The brush technique on how to increase breast size with massage size was introduced by a Japanese lady named Chiyomilk. It employs the simple concept of brushing fat from other parts of the body so that they relocate and accumulate in the breasts. These other parts include the butts, the thighs and even some times the face (for women with very fatty faces).
Apart from just increasing the breast size, they also help to give a woman’s body have an admirable figure. It also prevents the growth and occurrence of carcinogenic cells. However, this technique takes a very long time before it can produce the expected results. This technique has proved to increase the breast of many ladies by about three full cup sizes in just three years. (http://www.howtoincreasebreastsizefast.c...-massage/#)

How to:
• Start by rubbing your hands together to produce heat.
• With open hands, begin directing the fat from the waist and the areas around the breasts into the breasts themselves.
There is a lot of debate as to whether or not fat brushing is effective.

Q: What is better: Chi or Deer massage?
A: the two massages have different purposes, so one cannot be better than the other. I would say do both, neither take very long to do.

Q: How long will it take for massage to make my breasts grow?
A: It depends on how long you massage for, how many rotations you do and how well your body responds to massage. I would say give it a minimum of three months to see results.

Q: Which oil is best?
A: this is completely up to you, you can use whichever oil you like, people respond differently to different oils.

Q: How much can I grow with massage?
A: As long as you keep going, I don’t think there would be a limit to how much you can grow.


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