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Magic (Wiccan or Native American) Breast Enhancement
I am not sure anyone here is a purveyor of Native American or Wiccan religions. These religions have anchient Natural Breast Enhancement spells. I have both Indian and Wiccan family members so I started to look into anchient NBE.

Casting Instructions for 'Breast Enhancement Spell'

1. Boil Fenugreek seeds in water
2. Strain out the seeds so you get the water once it cools
3. leave it on the counter
4. go to a 3 way crossing on a friday night of the waxing moon with your stuff
5. light the candles and invoke Maria Padilha, then show her the corn
6. Implore her to empower it to make your breasts grow and increase. Tell her you will pay her well if she takes care of you.
7. leave the candles burning and go home
8. Every friday for 7 consecutive fridays (including the current one), bathe your breasts in the fenugreek water and rub each grain of corn into your breasts with massaging motions
9. The final friday after rubbing, go to a black pidgeon or black dove (NOT WITH WHITE LEGS). Feed it the corn.
10. Return to the crossroad, bringing the anisette, red and black candles, and roses.
11. light the candles and Invoke Maria
12. Thank her graciously. Open the bottle of anisette, take a mouthful, spray in the direction you uttered your petition. Leave the bottle and the roses.
I discovered Native American use of Saw Palmmetto for male breast growth, " Fortunately, there is a solution: saw palmetto. Saw palmetto berries, found on saw palmetto trees in Florida, are a traditional Native American herb. Saw palmetto is most commonly used by males to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostrate, but it is also effective for male to female breast enlargement. Native American women were the first to discover saw palmetto's breast enlarging abilities. Saw palmetto works by preventing testosterone from converting to an even more potent form known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes hair loss and prostrate problems in males and is sure to sabotage breast enlargement efforts by inhibiting estrogen – the hormone most responsible for male to female breast enlargement. "


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