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Not sure if my program is "safe"
HI girls!

So , I want to get two cup sizes ...i am 32B right now because i've lost weight so i have to gain some kilos now but I will only improve for a size...sooo.. I know i have to gain weight but also take some herbs and do a big effort!

I've read Vitex is good por PMS (i i suffer some symptoms like headache, being tired, ...) and it has progesterone which is good for breast growth. But i have also heard that Maca powder works for breast growth and it makes you feel with more energy (and honestly I need energy, this is my last year of Law School and is a mess lol) but it has estrogen or it works like estrogen.

My doubt is if i can take both at the same time or not...honestly I need more the vitex but Maca's benefits seem to be awesome so I don't know.

I ALSO HAVE FENNEL TEA THREE TIMES everyday because of my stomach problems, and I heard it works for improving the prolactin ...Will i have to leave it , if i take vital or vitex+maca?

I think you'll be fine with that combination. I have read the opposite about Maca, everything I've seen about it is that is does not work with hormones. The reason it can work with breast growth is because it contains amino acids needed for human growth hormone, and it has protein, fat, and a whole bunch of vitamins including C which is also needed for tissue growth.

I can't say about the Vitex because I've never used it, but from what I've heard it can be a bit safer than using progesterone cream.


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