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Now, I'm 20 and didn't start "blooming" until age 19 (getting curves, etc). I am 5'10 too and what I like to call a "reformed chubby girl"-I carried a LOT of weight on my frame I didn't even know was there. Running changed my life. I attribute much of my success to my then boyfriend who helped me create a very detailed/methodical routine of supplements that helped me grow tremendously & still lose the weight. stay strong in your journey!! if I can do it, you can too! Smile

Hey Posirack, so happy to hear about your jorney, i wanted to ask you if it is possible to share with us that methodical routine of supplements for bigger breasts
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38 bust and 28 underbust butt is 38 too and waist is 24 inches here trying to get to get as big as possible; going to get my hormones checked and go from there as I think I have high testosterone due to acne. I also have a supplement that will increase growth hormone significantly so I can grow more quicker 

@bustybride what have you done to get so big your signature shows a significant increase and I want to get to Leanne crow proportions too


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