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successful breast augmentation, self-confidence up!
I agree with Bonita, but I don't agree with how she said it.

IMO, plasty is too advertised, with an emphasis on trying to discredit nutritional or endocrinology methods. Actually, all growth is done this way, and it may be luck by what foods are eaten and health. Aside from health, nutrition and endocrinology, it isn't luck.
Although the majority on this site are interested are nbe, this particular section is about "Breast Implants & other surgery" Heck, some would say taking herbs loaded with hormones and having domes on your chest is "unnatural" lol If a person wants implants, that's their choice and I'm all for it if it satisfies them....In the end, it's just boobs anyway, who cares how you got em as long as they make you happy lol
What you have mentioned is exactly correct. I'm a person who had undergone breast implant surgery. After that, I gain a high level of confidence in myself. But before doing the surgery I was very nervous about it. And the scary clips about implants really pulled me back from doing this surgery. But my surgeon in Sliwin plastic surgery near Toronto ( http://www.sliwinplasticsurgery.com/proc...mentation/ ) makes me understood about the temporary difficulties after the surgery and those difficulties are quite natural. Then I had undergone my surgery and now I'm confident to wear the outfits that suit me. Now I feel myself more appealing and sexy.
I contemplated invasive options. Breast implants using fat transfer instead of implants and elastration. The genetic activation of my fat cells injected in my breast and butt would create real tissue. I was told I needed more skin and basic breast tissue first. Also elastration would choke my testicles and kill them with a tight band. Then feminization could occur more redily. Low T caused by herbs was preferable.


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