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Your ideal goal breasts?

My goal here is very simple: I would like large, natural breasts. I don't care much about any other factor. I don't care how saggy they are, or what the nipple looks like, as long as I achieve that. I would also like to make noticeable cleavage as a priority but that should come with size.

However, we all probably dreamed about what our ideal boobs would look like, right? We probably have a vision of what we would IDEALLY like to reach or what we would choose if we could just magically change it.

For me, my ideal goal breasts are like this:

Very large breasts. I want heavy breasts with a natural sag which I prefer to the round look for bigger breasts. For the nipple I would ideally like to have medium sized nipples with a bit of a flat/puffy look. Like I said before, making a good cleavage when wearing a bra is pretty much a must.

I have learnt that cup size isn't really all it sounds like it is so I don't have a goal cup size. My goal is just noticeably big, the type of breast that anyone would call big.

Right now I would say that my breasts are medium-small, they are very round and perky with almost no sag, and my nipples are quite small but I guess well proportioned because my breasts are also small. I would kind of like them to be a bit bigger though. Hopefully they should grow proportionately with the breast but I haven't seen any noticeable nipple changes yet.

What's your goal?


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