Hello There, Guest!

I want to check out and track my progress!! BIGGY's journey! (BO program) with PCOS
Hi, nice to meet you, lovely!

I have PCOS and thin, asian girl.

I'm from South Korea, and my size is 30A....

I have dreamed to upload my journey here, Because I have wandered many methods NBE for 3 years.

I tried everything, herbs, pueraria, etc.. but, it was very temporary and doesn't work.

but I read the article PCOS is possible to treat  (but many women have difficulty treating it )
I read before, woman who suffered from PCOS had succeed to cure it and NBE

I hope BO would be more effective and powerful and permanent!!!!

actually, My first starting was 24th, May. ( my 12th in my cycle)

so this journey isn't enough plans now.

So I want to update it.

Please help me advising which one is better to add and 
let's talk about it more and more!!  Smile

I will upload this thread in detail. 

Here's my journey!

everyday, I take
  • MSM(3000mg) a day
  • multi-vitamin
  • protein powder
sometimes, I take
  • probiotics
  • omega-3
  • vitamin-D
  • Inositol (min 2000mg)
  • spearmint tea

------------------------------------------------------taking special according to the cycle

in my menstrual phase
  • spearmint tea
in my follicular phase    
  • spearmint tea
in my luteal phase
  • BO  500mg (250mg in the morning, another in the night)
  • Doctor's best CoQ10 with bioperine  (because bioperine helps absorption)
---------------------------------------------------------to be added
  • aloe vera cream for nipple cream  (luteal phase)
  • pituitary glandular (luteal phase)
  • kelp capsules (luteal phase)

when I take BO, I had discharge in my virgina,
but there isn't any difference at all.

please advise which one is better to add

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