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Wild yam and legs pain - Romea - 25-11-2018

I've noticed leg pain when I take wild yam, the same thing happened while taking pueraria mirifica, I think they are not good for my blood circulation, so I think I'm going to stop taking that herbs. I will just take saw palmetto, it has cleared up my acne but it doesn't make my breast grow. What can I try? I feel bad because I really want to grow my breast but it seems that herbs are not for me. Do oils work? I have also read about applying onion juice. I would love some help because I'm tired of this small breasts. Thank you.

RE: Wild yam and legs pain - Happyme - 25-11-2018

I dont know about Onion juice. Most people complain about the smell of fenugreek ( maple syrup) so I cant imagine the left over smell from onion juice.
Try taking Calcium with your PM, and maybe the same effect with wild yam.