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Vitex - Tinytown - 09-08-2018

So, I read that vitex can help with heavy bleeding during menstruation. I've also read that it shrinks breasts.

Well, after nearly bleeding to death during my last cycle, I started taking it daily. And this is what has happened:

No break through bleeding.
I feel very calm and happy.
My boobs swelled up sooo bad they hurt!

What have some of you guys experienced with vitex?

RE: Vitex - FlatMeow - 15-09-2018

I didn’t take vitex myself, but I do know vitex helps promotes progesterone hence reduce bleeding. There are members here believe no extra progesterone is needed and that will only hinder boobs grow. I however believe in synergy and everyone condition is different. If you are estrogen dominant, vitex can really balance your hormone and promote growth.

Sounds like your body has good response to vitex. I would keep it up. It might be the key to your growth! Listen to your body.