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PM phytogen and Thyroid - KrisLV - 08-04-2018

Hi!  I am taking naturethroid for hashimotos hypothyroidism.  I believe my thyroid function is under control.  I am also on 1/2 unit of HGH because those levels were low.  Basically I am trying to undo the damage hashimotos did to my body. One issue lately is that my breasts have shrunk a lot after my weight loss.  I was thinking of trying PM Phytogen Complex.  Does anyone have any experience taking this with hypothyroidism?  Will i do more harm the good if I try it?  Does anyone recommend anything in particular for me to try?  I would like to increase volume but would be happy if they firmed up again at least.

Thank you!

RE: PM phytogen and Thyroid - Happyme - 11-04-2018

Hi Kris
I cant speak to the Thyroid, but you can perk up your breasts with Noogleberry or one of the other suction pumps.
Take a look at that forum and you will be surprised at how well it works for so many people.