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RE: Noogleberry observation (READ THIS!!!) - Fullerthankgod - 05-11-2012

Ok, so I am going to give a testimony after being a longtime lurker on every forum in the planet. I helped so many women when reaching out on the Noogleberry forum, that I feel obligated to do it here. Primarily because I had a short journey to a B cup. I started as a 32AAA. I remember lying in by bed at night obsessing and almost bringing myself to tears at the thought of implants. I wanted them so badly, but not at the expense of going into surgery and having possible side effects. I learned more about implants than I ever wanted to know. The thought of having capsular marks (or whatever they were called) rippling through my $6k breast job that I couldnt afford scared me. That was coupled with the fact that women claimed to had obtained autoimmune disorders as a result of them. With my luck, I felt that anything that COULD go wrong, WOULD go wrong. I was sooo tired of the chicken nuggest inserts, gel inserts, water bras, etc. I have a supportive loving husband who thought I was PERFECT in every aspect. He still thinks that, but he can't deny that he loves the extra bouncy girls on my chest now. So, one night while researching tirelessly, I came across breat pumping. Could this be real? No way, I thought to myself. If it was this simple, it would be legalized, sold everywhere and plastic surgeons would be out of money along with the silicone and saline industry (to a certain extent). Well, I lurked the sites for about two months, when I came across the Noogleberry picture forums. Here were real women, with actual pictures and results. Of course, I am a skeptical. There is no way I can swell and end up with breast like that. I decided if suction works, I shouldn't have to buy an expensive system to see results. I tested the water by going to my local adult store and buying the $29 DOC JOHNSON pink breast pump. It has two cheaply made plastic cups, a hard plastic tube, and a pink squeezy ball. I tried two nights in a row. I stretched in the cup and instantly went down. What is this swelling that people talk about. Just when I was going to give up on this pumping method, I woke up on day 3 which was a Saturday morning and hubby and I did a pump and release technique. We filled them to the extent I could comfortably take it and immediately released it, then we immediately pumped to the fullest again, then released. We did this for approximately one hour. When we took the cups off....I had the fullest A's I had ever seen in my life. Nearing a B in swelling. I hollered with happiness. The last time I saw breast was with my children in my belly. After delivery, I lost them all. My youngest is 10, so it's been a while since I've had boobs on my chest. I tried on all my bras, and called a cousin who had always been flat. I took pics for her to come over and view because I thought they'd be gone by the time I saw her. It lasted four hours. I was so happy, I splurged. I figured if a generic pump can do this, than a better one will deliver even better. I bought a Noogleberry on sale on Ebay for $79.99. The suction killed me and I thought no way would I get a Bosom Beauty, because people claimed the suction was awful. To me, the Noogleberry was unbearable because it didn't pull my breast toooo bad, it pulled my underarms and caved in my ribs. My whole chest plate hurted. When I got the foam rings, it was great. Swelling lasted about 3-4 hours, but no growth showing as soon as I had hoped. Christmas 2011 came and I wanted to treat myself. I saw a gentleman selling brand new Bosom Beauty 2012s for $199 (he has since doubled because of demand which is sickening). Anyway, it finally arrived, I struggled with the hook up and finally got it together. This machine changed my perspective. It did pump and release and was not as painful as the noogleberry on the massage setting. The plump and suck settings pull more, but still felt like a massage through the night. No pain in ribcage, or pulling under my arms. This was great. I think it was due to the fact that I noogled for two months prior and my body was use to suction (THANK YOU NOOGELBERRY). My swelling lasted about 6-7 hours initially. Permanent growth was evident by week 5. I started mid January when my package arrived and by April, I was a full A from a AAA practically flat. This all happened while only doing one hour every night. I bumped it up to an hour in the AM, an hour in the PM, and two hours each session on Saturday. Sorry but I didnt use any vitamins or supplements, and only drunk 16 oz of water a day (i know that's bad but i do not like water unless in tea). By June, I am a B cup. Not the full popping out your bra B where you are almost C cup like in my swelling, but definitely a nice round sexy set of boobs. I chose to stop because I was happy with my 6 months journey and went up 3, yes 3 cup sizes. It would have been sooner if I had started with 2 hours per day instead of once. I gave my system to a relative after I saw that I maintained my size after two months. Here we are in November, and I wish I had kept my set. I still fit a B, but I miss that porn star/ victoria secret model looking plump CLEAVAGE. A push up bra keeps the girls looking good though. Fortunately, I don't have any sag, any stretch marks, and they sit nicely and shapely. Just not that full implant look. I am back trying to get a C now. It's not booby greed. I was just too slim, in my opinion, for much more. Now that I've intentionally gained 15 pounds, I think a C would fit my figure better. I still have my noogleberry which I use before going out to "pop" in a nice dress while out with my hubby, but for perm growth, I know I need mechanical suction because I tried both. I went to order from the same guy for 200 and he is up to 400 practically. I tried to negotiate down to 275 and he met me back with 385. A 15 dollar discount. No thank you buddy. I can't afford to pay 400 right now. Hubby would say I don't need more boobs, and probably wonder why I gave mine away if that was the case. So, I ordered the bosom beauty instant cleavage deluxe from I believe gismo store. I have never tried this unit. I know it isnt the big machine, which scares me. i hope it is not weak suction since operated by AA batteries. It does have an adapter as well though. Took a chance, but it was only $275. I ordered it from the UK on 10/26/12. I live in the US and have not received it yet. I will update you all on my journey to a C. I love the noogleberry folks, but I am a living, breathing example of three systems (DOC JOHNSON< NOOGLEBERRY<BOSOM BEAUTY 2012<BOSOM BEAUTY INSTANT CLEAVAGE (soon to be). Please don't spend two years trying to get bigger boobs. You deserve more. Pay the couple hundred, the value is worth it!!!! I am not giving mine away anymore and I hope the new system works. If not, I will pay another $400 for what I know works and it is WORTH it. Good luck gals....feel free to email me for tips and regimines. Also I have PICS!!!! Before and after!!!

RE: Noogleberry observation - godiva72 - 29-11-2012

Girls, an Update!

I have now grown to 85cm, in just 6 months. Just 10 days ago, I was beginning to feel hopeless, as my growth had plateau-ed again. I was in this forum a few days ago, and read that one of you ladies had switched to the continuous pump and release method and saw fast progress.

This post reminded me that the first time I used NB, was when I saw the most drastic progress. Back then, because I could not retain suction (was not using a bra to hold the domes), I was forced to pump and release for 30 minutes at a time. That first week, I saw nice results.

So, when I hit a plateau 10 days ago, I decided to revisit this method again. And aha! I saw almost immediate results! Because I had managed to retain constant suction by using a bra before, I had forgotten to pump and release, pumping once every 5 minutes as the domes lost suction. This time, I kept pumping and releasing continuously for an hour (each breast). The first time I did this, I saw an increase of 1 cm of swelling and have now filled up my 34A bra completely. I am excited to report that I will be shopping for a 34B soon.

So please don't despair. I know what it is like to start from a 34AAA. There are I days I wish to give up- I almost gave up 10 days ago, feeling hopeless, but now there's this new development to keep me motivated. Today I measured 85.5cm and I need to grow to 89cm to completely fill a 34B bra. Considering my beginning size, and the rate of progress, I am feeling very confident right now.

Also, I want to mention that NB has by far been the only reliable NBE I have tried. If you've read my previous posts, PM was a huge disaster, BlakeTalks,com ineffective, Wild Yam produced bad side-ffects, but NB keeps on working!

Wishing you ladies all the best!

RE: Noogleberry observation - Fullerthankgod - 16-01-2013

That's great news! Pump and release does seem to yield the BEST RESULTS!! I love growing...... Smile

RE: Noogleberry observation - pomelo89 - 17-01-2013

Pump and release is when you hold suction for a long period without releasing?

RE: Noogleberry observation - Fullerthankgod - 17-01-2013

Pump and release styles vary by person. Some people pump for about 15 minutes, release it all the way, then pump for another 15 minutes. Again, several variations. My method when using my nooglebery is to pump as tight as I can go comfortably/without pain and immediately release all pressure, then do this for a full hour. If I use bb, I just select "pump" option and it continuously pumps and releases. The bottom line goal is to continuously pump it up and then release the holdqq