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Noogleberry observation - lled34aa - 31-07-2012

after much reading through people's experiences with the NB, and having noogled myself for 2 years, i wish i had known this when i started:

within the first 6 months, if you're able to retain swelling for a whole day with the NB, you will have success with it. if your swelling only lasts a couple of hours after you take off the domes, your growth will be minimal, if any.

there was a girl that claimed she grew without getting any swelling at all. logically, that just didn't make any sense to me. then i found out she was in her teens. she probably would have grown without noogling.

looking back, i wish i didn't spend 2 years NG. it felt like i was desperately pumping out of blind faith that it was helping my growth.

RE: Noogleberry observation - Bexy - 05-08-2012

well iv been using the NB for 4 months and i dont swell barely at all, only on the odd occasion and then it itsnt much, not like the swell that others get. Im still using it, but not getting anywhere. I think it works for those who have been larger before i.e due to weight gain then loosing weight, or due to pregnancy.

im frustrated with it to be honest because I think to get any results id have to sit here 8 hours or more a day, basically wear it constantly! i want to get the brava, but the only place i seem to get it is on Ebay, which iv never used. Im sorry youv not had any progress with NB

RE: Noogleberry observation - JustintoMe - 05-08-2012

Hmm that's interesting but disappointing. I get swelling that usually lasts for a few hours (5 at most during the day and 8 if I NG at night). Then again, I'm not as consistent as I should be.

RE: Noogleberry observation - Kk89 - 06-08-2012

I have been using nb for almost two months and barely just started to swell. I would swell for almost half a day. Maybe you just need to pump longer. I also notice that I used to pump everyday for like two to three hours and get the great swelling for a long period of time. Now I barely pump an hour every other day and my swelling last like lest than two hours.

This is my experience so far. Hope this helps. Sorry about your situation and please do not give up soon.

RE: Noogleberry observation - godiva72 - 07-08-2012

Yes, I noticed the same. For my first 2 months on NB, I grew 2 cm. Not much, but at least it was progress. Then due to work, I had to stop and my breasts shrunk down to nothing. Now I Noogle when I can, but only a few times a week and up to an hour, which is not enough to give me swelling that lasts longer than 30 minutes. Still, I have hope.

I think if you are planning to switch to Brava, you would be making an expensive mistake, as it is basically the same concept. If NB didn't work for you, Brava won't make any difference. The problem with Brava is that you have to wear it 10 hours a day.

While on this forum, I tried PM (a hormonal disaster), PC cream (no growth at all) and a stopper (a plastic shelf inserted into the NB to prevent nipple enlargement). Nothing has worked. So far the NB is the only thing that offers a little swelling and while I don't expect miracles, I want some hope.

RE: Noogleberry observation - Chriss - 13-08-2012

Hmmm.. please don't regret the NB adventure! Please don't! You would have lived with or without the NB Smile Now you tried it, and you can say it doesn't work for you (so sorry it doesn't Sad ) And I get it, that's verrrrry frustrating!
BUT what if you looked back and thought "What if I started 2 years ago with the NB? Would I have bigger breast now?" At least now you know! And unfortunately is not what you wanted, but at least you tried! Do you get what I'm trying to say? Smile

RE: Noogleberry observation - EdithHooters97 - 15-08-2012

This is a really interesting and useful observation, and I think you may be right, partly.

BUT I don't think it is as black and white as "if you get swelling that lasts all day you grow, if it goes away you don't."

At least i hope it's not that simple. I get some swelling (but not a huge amount--- THough I used to years ago, I don't now, weird) and it lasts for about 5 or so hours. But not the whole day. I'm hoping I will grow.

But you may be right about the women who don't get swelling not being able to grow.. That is so unfair. =( And so strange, that some people don't swell.

RE: Noogleberry observation - lled34aa - 15-08-2012

5hrs is more than how long my swelling lasted even after 2years of noogling. thank you for the kind words, chriss. i am doing fine now with brava.

RE: Noogleberry observation - BodyRocking - 25-08-2012

So what do you think is the best way to gauge whether or not you'll get results? Extreme swelling or long-lasting swelling, or both?

RE: Noogleberry observation - godiva72 - 19-09-2012

Well, here's a little update on my previous post. I went on vacation and stopped Noogling for a whole month, then re-started. Whoa! Though I lost plenty of growth while off the Noogleberry, once I started again, I progressed rather quickly.

I read other posts that taking a break helps and that the less you pump the better. Well, when I wrote my previous post, I was Noogling each breast 3 hours per day (6 hrs total) and every single day of the week. I grew to max 82.5cm. Now, I only Noogle each breast for an hour and only 5 days a week and I grew another 1.5cm. I'm up to 84cm in just 2 weeks!

I am NOT one of those women who had larger breast before. I have been 34AAA all my life. I tried every single pill out there, and until I found the Noogleberry, there was no hope. I am pretty close to filling out my 34A bras (not yet, but soon). And I am very excited about it.

I should say that I also downloaded subliminal messages and have been using that for 2 weeks as well. Not sure how it works, but I believe it gave me a boost.