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Lymphatic massage technique

The lymphatic breast massage involves general breast health and care, by assisting the lymph fluid to move properly in the lympatic vessels and towards the nodes where it gets filtered (as they can get restricted in everyday life due to clothing, bras and lack of movement).

It has been proven to assist in promoting healthy breast tissue, reduce fibroids and cysts, relieve the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or from compression
Lymph Nodes from bras, relieving the pain and tension from
stress in the muscles of the chest wall, assist in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery, and as a logical proactive step against cancer and other diseases.

First, see the Figure "Lymph Nodes", showing the lymph node "network" in the breast. The lymphatic channels drain the excess fluid which bathes the cells of breast tissues. The main function of the lymph glands
is to trap infection and foreign material by acting like a sieve. The lymphocytes in the nodes produce particular antibodies that help to fight infection and provide immunity (resistance) against infection.

Step 1
Massage suggestion:

See picture "step 1":
Move your fingers around your breast in a gentle motion. You can do this
with your favourite "boobie lotion" (or you can even do this in the shower or bath by just lubricating your fingers with a little bit
of soap to make gliding a bit easier).

See picture "step 2":
Starting with your right hand, using your fingers spread apart, follow the groves
of your ribs from the sternum, beginning

Step 2just below your collar bone, and moveoutward toward your right breast for one
or two inches. Gradually shift your position working your way down the sternum; following the rib groves out as far as is comfortable. Repeat on
the left side.

See picture "step 3":

Apply very, very light touch to the breast, smoothing the tissue away from the nipple. Moving the lymph from the centre of your
breasts outward to those all important
"stations" located along the sides of your
breast and underarm, makes this a very necessary movement. You might want to visualize all the lymph fluid moving from
your breasts, outward, to these stations,
Step 3
while you do this technique.

See "massage video":
Finally see "massage video" for a useful demonstration of 4 important
massage moves.

This suggestion regarding the lymphatic massage technique was strongly inspired by the page in the link given below and this is where I gathered the most important points.
Massage Videohttp://rt0028qa.eresmas.net/breast%20massage.htm


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