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Full Version: My BO program
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(05-03-2019, 08:11 PM)AimDcups Wrote: [ -> ]No pain or tingles, but my boobs feels fuller, no weight gain, just water retention. 
This week I ramp up to 750mg. 
I’m 46 kg/92 lbs so, i’m Petite, I shouldn’t need hight doses. 
Next week I’ll ramp up to 1000mg 

3 days spotting

Don't rush that much or you will mess up your body! Stay at 750mg for a month at least and see what happens!! Sad
Thanks sweet orange,
How much time did u wait to see growth? 
How much doses?
2 months on BO and i cant see ant growth... 
I didn t gain weight anyway 

Something wrong with my program?
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