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Full Version: Herbs and Your Cycle?
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I know this is a lot to ask but I'm feeling a little lost about when to take/introduce a supplement? Is it best to take them right after a cycle ends or when it begins? Also if someone could explain the luteal phase and other phases to me that would be so appreciated. I think having a greater grasp on these concepts would aid in my growth immensely! Thank you (:
Follicular phase is the first half, starting with your period.  Luteal is the 2nd half.
Estrogen is high in follicular, especially towards the end.  Progesterone is high during luteal, especially towards the middle. 
Too much progesterone during follicular or too much estrogen during luteal can mess up your cycle.  Estrogen tends to delay your period (especially if used near the end of luteal) and/or increase bleeding.  Progesterone tends to reduce your period but makes it erratic and causes spotting.

That's why pueraria mirifica (a super strong estrogen imitator) is typically used during follicular and progesterone cream is used during luteal.  Most everything else is too weak to have much impact.  Hops is the only thing I can think of that might come close to pueraria mirifica, and then only at a large amount.  You can usually use everything else whenever.

Most everything I suggested to you in your birthday goal thread is mild, can be started at any time and used all month.  There's a study that shows 100 mg pueraria mirifica or less won't delay your period either.
Thank you so much for your response! I was worried about my cycle getting Disturbed lol
I'll continue with the mild herbs for now (: 
I'm considering taking pm if I don't see results by January