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Full Version: New here!
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Hello everyone!
This forum is really well done, I came here already a few times so I thought it's time now to introduce myself.
I hope to gain results as many of you did (congrats! Tongue)
Well, good evening everyone Big Grin
Welcome Hyelee!
Tells us about you and your plan?
Hello! I tried a program about flaxseed and soy flour I found in the personal programs but it still hasn't worked for me. I'm trying to find something that fits me (:
Hi Hyelee,
Thats the way we all try to figure this out.

Here are my favorite two massage threads:

Massage is easy and free, and there are never any side effects.. at least no bad ones.

Have you had your hormones checked yet?
Thats usually a good place to start, so that your not trying to boost estrogen if your already high there, and it helps to know your base.
(12-08-2017, 12:26 PM)Happyme Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Hyelee,

Looking good so far, this forum help me so much too so I decided to join.
Just enjoy your stay and looking forward for you contribution, opinions and helping others.

Good Luck