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Full Version: Birth control?
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This may have been asked already; I have been trolling for quite a while and have not been able to find it. So I apologize if it has been... I am currently on Errin birth control pill (norethindrone) - which is a progestin-only pill, since I was breastfeeding at the time when I first started on it shortly after giving birth to my daughter 20 months ago. I am no longer breastfeeding, but have just stayed on this particular pill. Would someone be able to give me a clear answer as to how could affect my NBE, and how, if need be, I would be able to work with or around it?

I have been actively using my current program for about a week, including fenugreek, SP, flax seed and MSM, and feel like maybe I have a tiny bit more fullness at this point ( but it could very well just be in my head  Big Grin)

Link to my BC info: