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Full Version: Need help with herbs for follicular and luteal phase for my hormone balance
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Hey everyone! 

I just finished my luteal phase and I'm currently on my Day 3 of follicular phase. I started using PC on my last 3 days of luteal phase and Day 1 of my follicular phase. My menses started later that day and I applied the PC early morning before going to work.

My question is should I be taking any fenugreek supplement pills and/or fennel tea during my first 7 days of follicular phase and then stop at the beginning of my luteal phase?

I am estrogen dominant and I'm not sure if fenugreek and fennel tea would be ineffective. I read on many articles it helps and it doesn't help so it makes me unsure. I was going to go without any herb supplement and just stick to PC during luteal phase, but I want to maximize the potential growth Big Grin

I would really appreciate it someone would be kind enough to read my post and help me.

Thank you Big Grin
I had a pretty lame papaya video, but Ella's is soo much better. Dairy products I'm pretty sure go in the pro-estrogen list and I was thinking of a chicken enchiladas dish, but not sure if flour tortilla fits in, but I love it anyways!. [Image: rolleyes.gif]