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Full Version: Quest for larger areola
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Hi anyone, I'm trying to enlarge my areola and with the help of the incredible Lotus guide 101 I have narrowed the choice of compounds to use specifically on the nipple and areola. I've made a lotion based on progesterone cream. To this I added Shatavari powder because it[/font]'s a prolactin and phytoestrogen source plus it doesn't smell like maple syrup. Also wild yam to increase natural progesterone and prolactin production and Dong Quai root powder for possible natural progesterone production. I'm not sure about adding Saw Palmeto. I've applied the cream mix to my nipples and areolas, covered them up with a small cup and held everything in place with a bra. I do this for 45 -60 min a session and usually one or two sessions a day. The nips are very soft and just a bit distended because of the warmth in the cups. I'll try to include a pix or two for reference later. I have tried many techniques before discovering NBE such as pumping cycling with a Medela, constant suction using a hand vacuum pump from Harbor Freight, TENS with circular pads around each nipple and endless massage and tweeking. Perhaps a fusion of old and new will do the trick. Thanks all you terrific and inspiring people.