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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tammy and I'm 36 yo biological female who got shorted in the boobie department. I'm 5' 7 1/2", 150 lbs, 36A. I have been perusing this website on and off for awhile but finally signed up the other day. I just want to say this website is awesome and helpful and the members seem just as awesome and helpful. I was hoping pregnancy and nursing would increase my bust but after having my only child and breastfeeding for 12 months the girls shrank back to previous size. Damn! Lol. My mother was a 32A when married and after having 3 girls and only breastfeeding the last one (me), she ended up with a very decent rack for the rest of her life. Nothing huge, but def bigger than original and nice looking even without gaining much weight. Sounds creepy, but I tend to look at other ladies' boobs always comparing. I take after her, but wasn't so lucky like she was in the boob dept.

I haven't figured out a concrete plan to make my boobs bigger but I'm still researching. So far it seems like noogling, frequent massage, and PM will be on my list thus far.

I'm looking into anti-T things too. I've always been kind of tomboyish and now wonder if maybe I might have excess T. I have always identified as a woman and am hetero, but physically it seems I should get my hormones checked. I am slightly hirsute, have big hands, big feet, somewhat deeper voice (but still feminine sounding), small boobs, broad shoulders, somewhat androgynous face, mild acne as a teenager and still have cyclical/menstrual acne, and have the 2D:4D finger ratio opposite of what most women have (Ever heard of this? Most women's index fingers are longer than their ring fingers. Men are the opposite. Women whose ring finger is longer may have been influenced by more T than normal). Despite all this, I at least have a nice, feminine waist-to-hip ratio along with an ample derriere. I also was the only child my mother smoked while pregnant with and I wonder how much of cigarettes' anti-estrogen actions influenced me in utero and through breast milk.

Soo, I will look into getting my hormones checked. I tried Saw Palmetto last year for its anti-T effects and it made me soo incredibly moody and irritable I had to stop.

Also tried a lactation tea for its hormonal effects and it ended up giving me uterine cramping and had to stop.

My hormones really influence my mood and state of mind and I get really irritable/angry/emotional right before my period like many women do. I'm a little apprehensive to alter my hormones because I don't want to unleash a hormonal monster.

Anybody have any suggestions on where to start? Any other ideas or thoughts? Sorry for the dissertation and thanks for reading!
Welcome aboard. Hope you find some answers for your quest here, as I am sure you will.
Hi Tammy, and welcome!

The search function is your friend: if you think testosterone blocking is where you want to start, search testosterone and see what that nets you. I started off with one path in mind and ended up going in the opposite direction after reading about peoples' programs and experiences!

So, keep an open mind, and keep on reading! There are many examples of programs that have worked so something's bound to resonate. Smile

Xo, Soli
Hi Tammy.
Reading you describe yourself its like youre talking about me.
I never considered having big hands/feet and a deeper voice meaning too high testosterone, im a HUGE tomboy too.
You may be onto something there for both of us.
Its a shame SP didn't work for you. Did you start off high doses or low and work up?
Keen to follow your progress.