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Full Version: Hello, need help with pumping
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Hello, I am new here.
I just bought a khangzu hand pump and medium cups. How much should I be pumping? i feel like the mediums are not big enough width wise. Have any tips on how to pumo? what should i be doing anyways lol!?
Noogleberry's medium cups are 11cm diameter, and large are 13cm.
My own experience and that of a friend who's transitioning are that if you're starting fairly flat-chested and with relatively small frame (band size 34 inches or less) then medium are a good size. If you're broader, or have existing tissue more than A cup size, then large could be better. You can buy a pair of cups from Noogleberry.
Important to use cream/butter such as cocoa/coconut round where the cup will fit and outwards, as this allows extra skin to be pulled into the cup by the pressure.
To start with you will need short sessions. (e.g. 10 mins) at just enough pressure to produce enlargement and not too strong a pulling feeling.
After a few weeks 2 or 3 sessions in a day of 20 mins should be possible, increasing the pressure a bit.
Hope this helps
x Aria