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Full Version: I'm new here
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Hello all Smile

Newbie to posting on this site, but I have read some post on the forum for a few months. I am 34 years old woman trying to give herself a new body. Basically I am working on more than one body part.

1) Wanting to make my breasts more fuller. Also some pectoral exercises to help the sag some. Any suggestions for sagging or making the chest fuller ... anything besides surgery?

2) Also trying different ways to make my bottom fuller ... I have been out of commission for awhile so I lost a lot of tone back there. Doing my research into the right herbs to try, and also squats and bridges are my friend!

3) Working out 5 days a week to get to the me I wish for. Hope to see some results.

Well here is to the start of something new and interesting! Its great meeting everyone!
Welcome to the forum!! :-) I hope you find what you're looking for!
Hi, and welcome to the site.
If you need any help with massage or suckling, I would love to help if possibleBig Grin hee hee