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Full Version: New and confused
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I'm new to all this. I've been looking at these threads over the past few months and have gone through periods of both hopelessness and hopefulness. I really do believe that there is a program that will help my breasts but I'm just sooooo confused!!! I began taking maca root powder two months ago and noticed some success in filling out the first month... But I felt terrible and began spotting well before my period was due sooo I've cut back significantly and my breasts have done the same... So here's my story. Please give me any and all advice! Thanks

I lost about 30 lbs last year and since, my boobs have deflated. I really don't mind the sag, it is what it is... But the thing that really gets me is my loose skin. Sad If I could just cut some off and sew it back together, I'd be thrilled... But the scars are in no way an improvement in my mind. So I mostly want to know if there is anything to tighten my loose skin! If not, then I need to fill the out.

I noticed that exercise, eating lots of protein)especially soy has helped. What else can I do? I can't get my hormone levels read because I'm on bcp so how can I figure out what the best regimine would be for me? Please help. I'm kind of having a hard time with all this.

Welcome!!! I have no idea but I hope you will find what you are looking for.

I read some creams help with firming the bust, like booby stacked. or you may want to go back to your old regimen, since you saw improvement with that, but maybe lower the doses, so that it does not mess with your cycle.

Exercising your pectorals could help to. Also which country do you live in?

Sometimes the best option unfortunately is surgery. Especially when you loose some much weight.They cut the skin from Under the breast so the scar is not noticeable. Besides it is less and less visible with time. And it is cheaper than getting implants. My aunt did it after she had her last child. You might want to do this when you're done with having kids lol since another pregnancy can again change your body. You may want to think about it, i know it is still something huge, with general anesthesis but still. It does not have the later health risks of having something in you body such as implants.

I hope you'll find something!