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Full Version: newbie to NBE - have some ?s non-noogling
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Hi everyone...
doing some research before I start my journey

what I definitely plan to do:

1) massage w/ cream

2) hypnosis/youtube --- i'm actually on the train a lot back and forth to work, sitting, and with noise-cancelling headphones i can get in a good 30+ minute session with my eyes closed :-) i also go to bed before my husband so another good time, as I'm falling asleep...

3) herbals (pills)

what I definitely don't really want to do:

The reason I'm kind of anti-noogling is that I am coming off pumping for a different reason - I had a baby in August and have exclusively pumped since then. I'm pretty damn tired of it!!! Baby never got the latch thing down, and even with bottles he's pretty drool-y. lol Anyway, with a baby and working 50+ hours a week I barely have time as it is. not to mention, I don't really want to purchase one nor have to explain all this to my husband who "doesn't care" what size I am. I'm not planning to do this for him anyway. Tongue I'm about 2/3 of the way down with my supply and down to pumping just twice a day. Gotta take it easy with weaning so I don't get uncomfortably engorged or clogged ducts!

I'd post some pics but since I'm still BFing I doubt they're currently at my "starting size". I expect to drop back down to my pre-pregnancy 34aa/34a size. Currently I'm wearing some 34As, some 36As and some 34Bs. 34Bs are awesome. I would be satisfied if NBE got me back up to this size. 34C or 36B/C is probably my dream, though. I'm tall and thin, so anything bigger wouldn't look natural. I come from a long line of small-busted ladies.
I guess one positive is that my boobs (and skin) are used to being bigger, so maybe they'll respond quickly to encouragement? hehe

Anyway, I have a few questions:
1) is it really worth trying this NBE experience without pumping? It seems I may be in the minority, as everywhere I look on this site people are noogling. I'd love to connect with someone who hasn't yet noogled, follow their progress, and maybe a few others who definitely won't do the noogling...
2) what are some good concoctions/ingredients for massage creams? there's a whole foods nearby so I will probably pick up a lot of the ingredients there. they have fenugreek for sure!
3) i've already purchased BustMaxx, 60 pills in one bottle. I'll start this a week or so after my last breastfeeding pump... unless anyone thinks I should start it at a different time? I read really good reviews on amazon for this product. The bad reviews were few and far in between, and mostly related to the merchant! so I figured if they weren't the ones making the product (which they weren't) I could just ignore those lame reviews.
4) when starting oral supplements, would it be wise for me to take 1 pill a day for the first week or so and then increase to 1 pill but twice a day?
5) any other ideas you have for me are great - i know very little about PM, but might do some more research on that.
Hi everyone,
I'm officially on board this NBE boat now... I stopped pumping a little over a week ago and my breasts have had their milk do the retreat thing. Definitely feeling a little bit flabby... lol.
but that just means that more cells can fit under that skin right?
here's what i've started doing:
1) 100-300 (depends on time) female deer massages per breast 1-2x per day, with this concoction that i made in a refillable squirt bottle:
a few ounces almond oil, 1 dropper full of hops extract, 4-5 flax seed capsules opened and poured in
2) 1-3 capsules fenugreek per day... i think these make me a bit gassy! so i'm getting my body used to them slowly this week
3) 1-2 capsules bustmaxx per day... always on empty stomach
4) 1-2x per day, listening to subliminal links on youtube. sometimes the hypnosis ones as well, but i find some of the voices annoying/distracting.

side note:
i also take: bcp, zoloft 50mg, probiotic supplement, regular vitamins, occasionally mix in vitamin oil from capsules into my lotions for super dry skin (winter in New England!)

off to a good start?
Welcome!! I am a noob here too and not noogling!
I have been reading around, it seemed that hypnotherapy works too! Mind sharing links? Blush

Happy growing!!
Hi sneeezee... and, bless you? hehe
We have similar backgrounds and starting points, though I'm a few years ahead of you Tongue
I got really sick last month after just about 7-10 days in to taking my BustMaxx and fenugreek. Seriously sick, not related to my new nbe regime, but I was seriously bummed and I lost about 7 lbs. I'm working on adding healthy fats to my diet now because I want to gain at least a few of those lbs back. Because of this illness I took some time off from massaging as well as listening to hypno stuff...
I have a few links saved... *a fave *a fave (long one!) *stimulates progesterone --- i think there's another one for estrogen

Oftentimes I'll go to and listen to these videos on headphones as I'm making dinner, massaging, etc.

I'm more interested in learning about creams that I can massage on in the morning and leave there all day without needing the time to do the massage. I expect that as a working mom I will get 5-6 times a week to do massage and never in the mornings! haha
Does anyone have suggestions for creams.... breast advance? or make my own that won't ruin my good daytime bras? recipes appreciated. thanks!
Thanks for the links!! <3 will start listening to them today!

I find it hard to squeeze a massage in the mornings too. I will only do them in the shower with soap.
I believe there are plenty of such creams that you can leave on for the day but you still gotta massage when applying.