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Hi guys,

So since I made my private messaging option available I've begun getting a lot of PM's. I don't mind them at all, but I've noticed that I'm answering the same questions over and over. I would like to just direct people to my personal thread but I understand that it's a rather large thread. I am going to use this page to cut right to the point, with all my tips and my routines. So here goes:

Massage: Massage plays a large part in my routine, almost as important as the noogleberry. I first studied these massage techniques below and have since used them-

This is Chiyomilk'd channel. Follow all her massage instructions. There are several good videos:

Hypnosis & Binaural Sounds: I used plenty of hypnosis at the beginning and took it very seriously. Desperate times call for desperate measures? Perhaps, but it seems to have helped. There are some great NBE hypnosis videos that work on building self-love if anything. Here is the first one I listened to. I would play it while laying in bed, often falling asleep to it and letting it work into my subconscious.

I stopped with the hypnosis but have brought binaural back into my routine. I will just play these strange sounds while working on the computer: & & There are many different binaural beats. I also listen to the collagen one, skin, hair, etc. Just the really good ones. Wink Ya never know! It could help!

And the ever-annoying rockmelon ringtone:

Noogleberry: I am a HUGE believer in the noogleberry! I used herbs alone for several years with 0 growth! Once I bought the noogleberry I immediately felt changes. The first changes I felt was an instant firmness to my breasts. I knew this would be good. My routine is basically when I can! Tongue I noogle on average 4-5 days a week and several hours each day total.

I am a firm believer in giving your breasts plenty of breathing time so I never pump and hold for hours and NEVER snoogle. I feel that holding too long could damage the breasts and stretch out the skin. So I will pump and hold for 10 minutes then release and immediately massage with my butter I made. Do this off and on throughout the day/when you can but take breathers in between!

Massage Butter: I have made my own concoction because I like to make things. Tongue I am also paranoid about the endless amount of ingredients in lotions and such. I have very sensitive skin and have suffered from skin rashes my whole life. Since making my own lotions (and using a shower filter) my skin is better than ever!

My ingredients are as follows: organic coconut oil, cocoa butter & shea butter. You can use equal parts of these. Add about 10 drops each of lavender & spearmint oil. Melt all ingredients in oven, stir well and pour into tub (I use an old body butter tub). Let them sit for several hours. The consistency looks like a butter but when applied goes on like an oil. It is soooooo nice!

Supplements: I dunno, I guess I can only speak for myself here, but I'm not too huge on the phyto-breast herbs. Like I wrote, I took them for several years with zero results. It wasn't until adding the noogleberry and massage that BAM I started seeing huge and quick results!

Not to mention, these herbs can be very, very dangerous. When I was taking fennel, fenugreek and wild yam several years back I would lose a lot of hair and now have 2 permanent sun (estrogen) spots on my face. Read up on this! Too much estrogen is BAD! I've also had acne since taking the herbs which I have not completely battled even though I've quit most of the phyto-herbs I was taking. This was never an issue before I started taking herbs.

I learned that small breasts does not necessarily mean your body needs more estrogen. I, for instance, most likely need less testosterone! I have begun drinking spearmint tea for this. Lowering your T levels can greatly help your breasts grow!

SO, right now I take: Multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, PM, MSM. The only hormonal herb I take is PM and even then, I don't take it every month. I'm not sure how much of a difference it's making in my routine to be honest.

Food: If you are too skinny, bulk up! Eat, eat, eat if you have a super-fast metabolism. I can almost guarantee that if you're underweight you will have a lot of trouble gaining breast fat--because that's what breasts need! I am a pescatarian (only fish, no meat) and pretty damn healthy. I eat a Mediteranean diet mainly, meaning Italian! I love healthy carbs, olive & grapeseed oil, cooked veggies and fruits. Pretty much all my meals are cooked from scratch. I love to cook. I grow a lot of herbs and use those every time in my meals. They add a great flavor.

Here are some examples of foods I make/eat: [attachment=5212]

I have a fast metabolism so I have to eat a lot! I like to be curvy though. I am inspired by 1940-1960's curvy, natural, beautiful women.

Other key ingredients are positivity and patience! Tell yourself that you WILL grow and be excited with each and every day because changes are being made inside you. Know that after your period your breast swelling will go down significantly. This is a drop in estrogen. Breasts grow and shrink each month, but you will notice that at their smallest, they will still be larger than the month before's smallest stage. Self-love is so important and if anything, your NBE journey should be part of that: learning to love your body, to feel sexy and proud of what you've got! You are female! That is beautiful! Each month you should learn to love your breasts and body more. Everything responds to love, even plants! By nurturing and loving your breasts, they will respond with love back.

Remember: you are on a JOURNEY. This is not a one week or one month event. This takes TIME just like puberty does! Gradual changes that you don't even notice on a day to day basis.

I will provide photos in a sec
Okay, so now for photos. I HAD starting photos but deleted everything awhile back out of sheer paranoia because I was googleable. I came back though Tongue and am using a different username.

So I will provide two photos that I found on google that show more or less how I looked when I started. Note: I was very asymmetrical! That was a HUUUGGGEEE reason for my depression/insecurities/reason for starting NBE. I have been able to work on that issue thanks to the noogleberry and massage.

So yes: 2 photos (not of me) that show more or less how I looked at the beginning:
I have photos of myself that start from month 4. This was HUGE for me back then! So trust me, I was much smaller when I started. Not to mention I had one boob that was far smaller than the other. By month 4 I had evened them out by paying much more attention to the smaller one. It really just needed love! So here are months 4, 5 and 6 with flash:
Months 7, 8 & 9. They are growing much more outward now, which is harder to capture in the frontal photos:
Here are non flash photos from months 5 & 7:

And months 8 & 9 non-flash
Good God so many photos of my boobs. Hahahaha, ugh. Here are two clothes shots of me before starting NBE
And lastly 2 current photos of me in clothes. Notice a difference? NBE works! That's all for now.
Wow Jennifer! That is awesome and amazing and so inspirational! I agree on herbs alone.... they did almost nothing for me either and massage and pumping have done everything.... thanks for posting!
Wow, so great! Your results are great, i hope i can reproduce them on myself Cool