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Full Version: early period from PM?
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HI, Last month I took my PM caps starting from day 4 of my cycle (1x500mg ainterol PM for days 4-6, 2x500mg for days 7-9, 3x500mg for days 10-12). On day 19 i started my period? (is light like for period so can be that is just mid bleeding). My cycle is normally 30 days. I don't take any other herbs. Any suggestions how to take pm to come back to my normal cycle lenth. I don't mind having longer cycles but having my period every 19 days with my period cramps is really not what i wanted. Should I start to take PM after my "light period" or just wait for a normal heavy one?
I am having the same problem! I have been taking 2x500 PM for the first 15 days of my cycle and right as I stopped I started spotting and now I am having red bleeding but not quite period like...what in the world? I'm guessing it's a weird side effect...did you just start your PM? I started it 9/13...that was my first day of my cycle...
I started pm extract midway after my last cycle. It was on day 20th. I couldn't wait to start. I only took 1 drop which was 40 mgs and 2 drps in my massage base. Total pm was 120 mgs. I'm not sure how much the topically affected me though. Today I started my period which was exactly
30 days. However this is my first month. Now I am ramping up to 2 dps daily for 15 days. I might back down to 1 drp or non at all after that and go with red clover. But I think over loading your system in pm is going to mess you all up. I'm not sure if I would ever take more than 500 mgs per day. I think the higher amounts were for men.
So I'm taking PM just for 9 days in my cycle , from day 7 to 15 in dose 500 mg a day and definitely feels better but I'm doing that for past 2 months and I noticed that even that dose and days are the same my cycle have different length, in first month was 26 days and this month I'm still waiting.