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Full Version: Hi Everyone!
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Hi All! It took me a little while to get the nerve to actually register here, but as I've read more and more topics I have grown equally as interested.

I recently researched the idea of breast pumps, as a friend of mine just had a baby and she mentioned how pumping milk increased her nipple size and the skin around them. I wondered if there was a pump for the whole breast and thought maybe I was crazy. Alas, quite a few exist! xD In my search I came across this forum and have been reading for some time.

I recently learned how to properly measure myself and at 26 years old and 5'7", I am still only a 32 A and a half...I am too big for A cups and too small for B's. Figures! I am very interested in trying the Noogleberry system and hope to join discussion on that. I have also tried two sets of herbal supplements, but stopped due to a little too much researching of negative side effects.

And as you can see, I enjoy a good ramble.

Talk to you all soon! =)