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Hello, Smile

I am a newbie to BreastNexus and I have read a lot of of posts and i am inspired by a lot of the results.

I am only 30 yrs. old and I have breast fed 4 children and my boobies need some help.

I wanted to know if anyone knew what a beginner like me should try for
increasing fullness and size in my breasts?

I wear a 36C bra that makes my breast look nice and round but when the bra comes off my boobs sag and are not as full as they used to be.

I want to be at least a nice full C cup or a little bigger would be very nice Tongue.

I have done so much for my kids and now I think it is time for some me time.

Can someone PLEASE Blush give me some advice because, sadly it seems like this site is my last hope. Sad

Greetings and salutations!


What may be a good way to begin is with a hormone test to make sure that you are relatively well balanced. If that turns out well, then you may think about starting with about 3600 mg of fenugreek a day to see if that will start your breasts to swell again. I hesitate to say "re-inflate." Wink
That is usually a good starting point as FG can be purchased locally rather inexpensively.

Good luck and big boobs.... Smile


Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.

Thank You for welcoming me and taking the time out to help a newbe like me and my boobie issues. Blush

I will definitely get my hormones checked with my doctor and if all is well, I will for sure take your advice.

Are all brands of fenugreek the same or can you refer me to a specific one that you might know works?

Will massage help or should I wait until my breasts are a little fuller?

Thanks for writing the whole names of the herb out for me, I am still learning as I go.Blush