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Full Version: Hey there!
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Hi! I've been lurking about on this site for a little while, gaining knowledge and getting info on NBE. I figured I should sign up and first and foremost thank all you fantastic guys and gals for all the helpful tips and info. I'm just in the process of gathering the necessary supplies to begin my journey, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice, tips, etc. I went to pick up progesterone cream yesterday as I read it is a helpful way of 'prepping' my body. So I have a couple of weeks before my cycle to get all the necessary herbs and stuff(starting on first day after cycle.) I do have a couple of questions though. Firstly, are any of these herbs unsafe for someone with low-blood sugar? And if I were to make a cocoa butter based topical solution, what herbs would absorb the best/easiest. Also, is there a difference between the fenugreek herb and seeds in regards to NBE? Finally are liquid extracts an effective substitute for capsules? I have issues swallowing pills, my throat closes up.

Whew think that's all for now, thanks to anyone who can help me out, and I hope everyone has an awesome day! Happy growing! Big Grin
Hi Dream Big! Welcome to the site. I'm was a lurker as well but finally joined recently Big Grin. I can't answer most of your questions but I do know that liquid extracts can be used instead of pills/capsules. Liquid is actually absorbed into your body easier so I would say it's just as good as a pill, if not better. Good luck with your journey!