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About Breast Nexus - admin

What is Breast Nexus?
Breast Nexus is an independent public forum. Its purpose is to provide a platform for discussion and a community for its users.

Does Breast Nexus sell anything?
As an independent public forum Breast Nexus does not sell, supply, market, endorse or recommend any products or services of any kind. Neither is the Breast Nexus forum associated, affiliated, connected, approved, authorized or sponsored by any product or service supplier or receive any sales commissions or incentives from sales of any product or service whatsoever.

Does Breast Nexus provide information?
Breast Nexus is not a content provider, but as a public forum merely provides a platform for its users to engage in their own discussions. Accordingly the views and opinions expressed and exchanged in the forum are strictly those of the message authors who post them and should not be construed as reflecting or representing the views and opinions of Breast Nexus itself.

Does Breast Nexus give advice?
Breast Nexus cannot review every message posted in the forum and be aware of the substance of all the content posted. Breast Nexus cannot therefore vouch for or guarantee the reliability, completeness, accuracy or relevance of posts made in the forum. The content of the forum is published "as is" and any reliance placed upon this material is at the reader’s own risk.