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HELP I am Lost ! - Afla Kuro - 29-09-2017

Hello I am new here. I have been reading threads like crazy and I am confused as to what to do. It started off where I was like yay but now with so much info I am at a lost so I just registered so that I can just ask
I was looking into breast massages because I wanna gain fuller breasts.... a cup size would be a bonus. I want to try  herbs as the country I live in controls a lot of products so I want to use herbs and I find them here. So I would really love a plan that I can use that uses herbs  I found the pueraira mirifica which seems to work for many here along with massages. I am also open for suggestions. When I buy items from america the custom charges are high so I wanna avoid that this time. Thank you in advance. 
Its been 4 years since I had my daughter and my breasts went from okay small to super super huge Rolleyes to super flat Dodgy and now small Angry but not like before. Before they were a little fuller. Huh Sad

RE: HELP I am Lost ! - Happyme - 02-10-2017

Hi Afla and welcome
I understand your sense of being overwhelmed. Since there is no magic pill that works for everyone, you have to weed through all the stuff and see what works for you.
I think the best thing is to have a hormone test done so you know wait your low on and what your high on. No sense of throwing money at herbs that you don't need.
Next head over to the programs section of the forum and scan through some of them that may sound like they fit you.
ie weight, height, breast shape and life style.
Pose a few questions in those threads and see what happens.

While your waiting, here are my two favorite massage threads:

The nice thing about massage is that its free, harmless and does a body good.


RE: HELP I am Lost ! - nanakante - 07-10-2017

The female breast enlargement herbs that have been found to be most useful are: saw palmetto, Don Quai, wild yam, dandelion root, blessed thistle, kava, and the herb from Thailand called Pueraria Mirifica, and fenugreek. Fenugreek is an interesting herb that was used for centuries by harem girls in the Middle East to produce more healthy breast tissue, thus enlarging their breasts. Taken internally, this is one of the best breast herbs.

Saw palmetto, too, has been used for centuries in North and South America. Native to the continent of America, it is now often recommended by naturopathic physicians to naturally enlarge breasts. Wild yam is another of the best female breast enlargement herbs, and it has been recommended by some not only for breast enhancement but for breast health as well. It can be used in conjunction with fenugreek for a more dramatic effect than either herb alone.

Of the other female breast enlargement herbs, Pueraria Mirifica is a very interesting and more recent addition to Western herbal health, although it has been known in Thailand for centuries. Also known in Thailand as Kwao Krua, it has only recently become commercially available in the West, since it took a while for the Thailand government to share its ancient remedy with the rest of us. Pueraria Mirifica has been shown by Thailand scientific studies to augment breast size up to 80 percent, although these results have not yet been duplicated in the United States or Europe. It has, like wild yam, been shown to help with general breast health, and some say that it helps offset a woman's chance of breast cancer.