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Hops powder? - Syle - 26-11-2016

I have been looking everywhere and have had no luck finding hops in powder form, does anyone have any links? If you can point me in the right direction, that would be great. :)

RE: Hops powder? - Dynseli - 26-11-2016

Find a reputable online supplier for bulk herbs. Some Farmer's Markets might have it. You could try a health food store, but they're more likely to have extracts and not whole herbs.

You can also grow a hops plant (would would need a green thumb for that), and have a little stone herb grinder.

RE: Hops powder? - Syle - 27-11-2016

Thanks! I found a few places that sell hops powder, but I'm not sure if it really is or not, so makes me kind of paranoid. :P May just go with capsules for now, thanks again!

RE: Hops powder? - Dynseli - 27-11-2016


You can tell if it's whole hops, then grind it up.
With capsules, you have to find a reputable source, because before they've used fillers, or had traces of other herbs in it. This was even with GNC brands. If you know what it smells like, you can smell it and see.

RE: Hops powder? - Syle - 27-11-2016

Good thinking! It only makes sense that hops has a smell just like fenugreek and peppermint. :) So you're telling me if I bought hops flowers (like these) and ground them up into hops powder, it would be like the powder in capsules, but even more pure? Judging from the page I linked, it is way more cost-effective to just order a pound of hops flowers, but then, how long do they keep and after what date do they lose efficiency? Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions, I really appreciate your help! :)

RE: Hops powder? - Dynseli - 27-11-2016

They lose some strength, but overall, it will be effective for years, just enough that's needed. When it's ground up, it will keep for less time. Hops has some kind of flowery light woody smell.

That's where I buy herbs, but I don't like advertising for anyone. They sell powered too for many, but not all herbs. You don't have to powder them up, and it will still be effective enough. Powdered is more effective

1 lb is a lot, you can go with 1/2lb. 1/4 lb is like the size of a medium soft drink. You can go with capsules if you want, but 1/4 lbs is worth maybe 5 bottles of capsules, which is more than enough.

RE: Hops powder? - Syle - 27-11-2016

Thank you so much! :) Um, any grinder you recommend? I must be Googling wrong because all the grinders I find are for smokers and I kind of don't want added to a watch list for Googling grinders! lol!

RE: Hops powder? - Dynseli - 27-11-2016

[Image: ?]

A stone grinder like this, but you don't have to grind herbs to get results. I've seen a smaller one in a grocery store before.

If you're worried about that, use to search, instead of Google.

RE: Hops powder? - Syle - 27-11-2016

Thank you for all your help! :) Also thanks for the search engine suggestion, will definitely start using it!

RE: Hops powder? - Dynseli - 27-11-2016


I don't know if a mechanical coffee grinder would work, but that would be difficult to clean.