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Full Version: first time on PM and ovulation question
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i bought ainterol PM (500mg/capsule) recently and was too excited to start so i just started 500mg/day at day 17 of my menstrual cycle. concerned that i’ll mess up my period, i stopped 9 days later and just decided to wait for my period to come before i start my regimen properly (period is now due in 2 days). 

one of my biggest concerns is not about missing periods, but i would like to know how can i ensure i will still ovulate on time or at all? i am not trying to actively conceive but i also would not like to prevent pregnancy in anyway and leave that open. i read that PM acts as a natural contraceptive for some. 

can i know what is the best cycle days i should take to ensure i will ovulate as usual? 

really appreciate any suggestions as i’m so confused with all the terms and differing plans! Smile