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Full Version: Breast Augmentation ways i tried !!!
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I'm postop day 1 right now, but I will start out with how my journey started...

As I was developing as a teen, like every teen girl I wanted boobs... but they didn't happen. I did however develop a nice round butt lol. I got up to a 32B by the time I was 16. At 16 I became pregnant with my son and had him at 17 almost 18. My boobs of course got bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I got to a 34C during pregnancy and a 34D during breastfeeding. After I dried up I was left with a 32AA. After of course I wanted them back to the C/D range I had gotten use to. By the time I was 19 I started researching breast augmentations. At the time all the risks etc scared me to the point I didn't want to do it, also it would have taken me a long time to save the money being a young single mom. I started looking into natural ways to grow them. 

Upon my research, reading into many different methods from herbal supplements, to cow hormone supplements, to pumping devices (vacuum therapy), etc. I discovered I had been tuberous since I developed and had no idea. None of my boyfriends ever said anything, but looking at girls with this condition I definitely was on the scale to some degree. Mine were never severe but definitely cone shaped. (I have before BA pics in my private albums). 

The first thing I tried with these natural methods was herbs. I read many programs from girls on forums, like this one, except for natural breast enhancement. I did the individual herbal approach. All that happened is my already acne prone skin broke out even more, my hormones and emotions went crazy, and my cycles started acting up. After a couple months I stopped and looked into more methods. I ended up trying a breast enhancement gum at the time called Zoft. I started to see very small results from it. So then I added in using a pump device. There are many out there. The most famous is the Brava system as it was developed by a PS who does fat grafting. It is said vacuum therapy helps the retention rate of the fat grafted during these augmentations. That system for me at the time was out of my price range, plus it needs to be used 10 hours per day... being a young mom, that just wouldn't fly lol. So I got a cheaper one called Noogleberry. I used it an hour per day at first. I started with smaller cups and moved up as I grew. While using the Noogleberry I had stopped the Zoft gum, did a cleanse to cleanse my hormones, then I started what was called Ultra Breast (it's no longer around). Ultra Breast is a bovine ovary supplement, essentially cow hormones. After the Zoft gum I had went from a 32AA to a 32B. After 6 months of consistency with the pump and bovine ovary supplement I had gotten to a 32DD or 34C (the 34C bras were easier to find at the time as I was stationed in GTMO Cuba with my ex husband). I stayed this size for years. 

All throughout this time of doing the natural methods I still contemplated surgery. Eventhough my breasts grew... they were still cone shaped. I knew deep down surgery was my only answer. So here and there throughout the years I would research breast augmentations. It was a few years ago that I heard of these high cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants that it really started to pique my interest. Unfortunately at the time I was going through a divorce (my ex husband would never want me to get a breast augmentation, he was completely against them). So at the time I couldn't afford it with everything going on. 

Now, I have been divorced since 2013. A year ago I started getting really serious about wanting a breast augmentation, but at the same time wanted to lose weight and get into shape before I did it. I started by eating better and working out here and there... that took me from about 160 lbs to 140 lbs. It was right before my BA that I joined a 6 week challenge by Lauren Drain that I really got to where I was happy. (I have before and after pics in my public albums). I got back to 130 lbs before surgery and I'm still at that weight, yay. So back to BA's lol...

All this year I started researching PS's and consulting with them. (I had consulted with a couple in the past but they aren't worth mentioning) I consulted with over 5 PS's before deciding on my wonderful PS Dr Robert Cohen! He is absolutely amazing and I can't emphasize that enough. Excellent bedside manner... my boyfriend met him today and said the same thing. He was more expensive than other PS's I consulted with, but I feel totally worth it. 

My surgery was yesterday at his surgery clinic in Paradise Valley in AZ. I was instructed by Dr Cohen to take a valium the night before at 11pm, which I did with my food I had. As you cannot have any food or drink, not even water, past midnight before surgery. I slept soooo well that night and I can only imagine the valium did that. I highly recommend if your PS approves it to take something to calm yourself the night before surgery. I arrived at the clinic at 1pm as instructed. My surgery was at 2:30pm. I felt calm (probably from the valium) but my heart rate said otherwise LOL. My heart rate was going crazy. 

The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me after I was changed into the proper clothes for surgery, we went over a few things. He was a very nice guy and made me feel at ease. Then Dr Cohen came in, we discussed my goals again, he marked me up, then the nurse took me into the OR. After that everything happened so fast and all at once. I felt like a car at a Nascar pitstop lol. One nurse was putting massagers on my legs, another one putting my monitors on me, and my anesthesiologist was putting in my IV. We joked how hard it was to find my viens, it took a while for him to find, but he only had to poke me once. That's the first time I went to a nurse or Dr that it only took one time! Usually they have to try multiple times, or fish for them. 

The last thing I remember was us joking about the IV and the nurse said "he got it on the first try because he's the bestest of the westest". I woke up in recovery what seemed like a second later it was so bizarre. My boyfriend was already beside me and the nurse was helping me into my clothes I brought. She was also giving me ice chips as I was sooo dry and kept asking for water. I didn't feel the heavy feeling most describe. No elephant on my chest lol. I felt like I had went to the gym and did a ton of pushups, chest flys, and bench presses. It felt like I had did that the day before and the soreness set in. When I woke up I asked what they went with. The anesthesiologist was in the room and told me they put in Sientra anatomicals in 400 cc on both sides and he said they looked great. I looked at my card today and didn't see where it said it, but after going to see my PS today he showed me it's in the codes on it. 

After a few minutes they put me in a wheel chair, the nurse wheeled me to the car, and my boyfriend drove me home. I had already set up my bed for me to easily just lay in. I have a wedge pillow with two of my regular pillows I use on top as well as a firm pillow under my legs. I also have a neck pillow. I highly recommend all of this to sleep! I accidentally scooted down in my sleep not completely flat, but probably at a 20 degree angle and I could not lift myself with my core muscles or legs at all. Luckily my boyfriend came in right after getting my son up for school and helped me up. 

Now about food and meds... I have had NO nausea at all. I haven't taken any anti-nausea meds. Only things I've taken are my antibiotics, percocets, and valium for muscle spasms. I've only taken a few valium as I haven't had many spasms. Percocets, I took more last night than I have today. It's 3:30pm here now and I've only taken two percocets. Once this morning with breakfast and once at lunch. Yesterday when I got home I mainly drank ginger ale, water and gatorade, same thing for today. I had some crackers when I got home to have my meds. Later that night my boyfriend heated up some of the soup I made the other day (I made a big pot of chicken soup the night before surgery). I ate that then took more meds. This morning I had a parfait that I made the morning before surgery for me to have today. It had greek yogurt, granola, and berries in it. I had that and had my morning meds. Lunch, we came back here and both had soup as he now has a cold [Image: frown.gif] so he's now staying away from me as much as possible so I don't get sick. 

I think my PS does the rapid recovery technique without labeling it. I felt amazing today. After my postop appointment this morning, my boyfriend and I went shopping a little. Walking around made me feel great. I was able to do more by myself than I thought I would. I brushed my own hair and teeth. I put on my makeup, and dressed myself. My PS has instructed me to start lifting my arms up as much as possible, to do elbow circles, and my boyfriend to stretch my shoulders every so often to stretch my pec muscles. 

At my postop appointment this morning my PS looked at everything and said everything looks great. I don't have any bruising but I am taking Arnica Montana as well as Bromelain. They look boxy, which I expected. My PS told me they will look amazing at 3 months postop and they could change for up to a year. As of right now they look like a full C small D as far as how society views sizes lol. I will more than likely be much bigger in my proper band size. 

Right now as typing this I feel no pain, just soreness as I mentioned. I don't feel groggy or anything. I feel great. The only thing is cotton mouth! I've been drinking sooo much water and gatorade lol. But it's to be expected with all the meds. 

I will try to take some postop pics and get them up for you ladies. And will keep you updated on my progress. Right now I can get my elbows to my shoulders as far as how far I can stretch them. my breast augmentation in abu dhabi experience goes amazing ...!!!!
I was flat chested and I must say, it was not easy to be a laughing stock. My small breasts were noticeable that my girlfriends would poke fun at me about it. I felt less of a woman but thankfully, I discovered breast augmentation. This procedure ended my misery.
But you wanted a breast reduction before you did a breast augmentation right? Huh 
Further i think this post is helpful btw..but reading your earlier thread confused me..